Hiking Trails for Moonshadow Festival Visitors


We're proud to share miles of trails for open hiking on our property for Moonshadow Festival visitors. Hikers will be required to sign out and in when leaving the main grounds, and take adequate water supply when going into the forests. Water is not provided on any of the trails. 


The Watertrough Loop is the designated route for Saturday's Poker Hike, which begins at 10:30am. This activity is free and open to all who can complete the easy-to-moderate hike (400 foot elevation climb). Hikers will embark on a self-led hike, starting out by picking up a poker scorecard and drawing the first of five cards that will make up their poker hand. Extra hands can be purchased in the festival grounds before starting the hike (we encourage all Poker Hike participants to start the hike by 12:30pm to ensure completion before 1:30pm when scorecards are due.)  

Across the 3.5 mile hike (moderate hike, 400 foot elevation gain), hikers will stop at four additional checkpoints along the way to draw additional cards for their hand. Once the hike ends, all cards will be turned in at the General Store and scored. Whoever has the best poker hand wins  first choice from the available prizes. Second best hand wins the 2nd choice, third best hand wins third choice, and so on.

Note: This loop will NOT be open outside of the poker hike, from 10:30am-1:30pm on Saturday. For additional questions about the event, please refer to the festival FAQs or contact us directly. 

Moonshadow Festival offers four days of recreation and entertainment on a family-run Central Oregon ranch, the ideal getaway spot for weekend campers and daytime visitors who wish to explore the rural ranch lifestyle within one hour of Madras, Redmond and Bend. Buy tickets today!

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