Immersed In Totality: Virtual Reality of the Solar Eclipse

Hundreds of people from around the world visited Moonshadow Festival to witness the 2017 Great American Eclipse in totality at our Central Oregon ranch, and many of them brought cameras and telescopes to record the experience. Our new friends at 360 Labs out of Portland took it a step forward and brought the most advanced 360-degree video cameras and technology to capture the total solar eclipse from the highest point on Wine Down Ranch, dubbed "Little Table Mountain."

From this vantage point, as well as the vista where our guided hike ended, you can look west to see the moon's shadow cross over the Cascade Range mountains, and follow its approach right over Wine Down Ranch. Next, you may choose to watch only the sun, as it darkens and shrinks in totality while cheers rise up spontaneously. One of our favorite views is over the back of the cliff (carefully look down and to the left), where you can really see how dark it was during totality, and watch the rocks lighten up as the sun reemerges as the moon passes over. Experiencing this again and again in virtual reality brings back the chills and adrenaline rush that we all felt together during Moonshadow Festival. 

Note: If you have a virtual reality headset, view this video on YouTube for the absolute best experience. 

This video is a sample of more 360 video footage captured across Moonshadow Festival during the August 21st solar eclipse, which is available for license for VR and 360* content producers. Please contact us or 360 Labs for more information.