Wine Down Ranch Beef


Wine Down Ranch Beef


Wine Down Ranch offers all natural, grass-fed, antibiotic and hormone free AngusX beef, sold by whole, half, or quarter. Next butcher date will be July 2018.

Beef prices start at $4.50/lb hanging weight. Price includes processing, cut and wrap fees. Quantity discounts will be given for a half or whole beef order.

Beef must be picked up in Central Oregon or Portland area. Shipping is not available at this time. Reserve your animal with a $200 (per quarter) deposit by selecting the numbers of quarters you want.

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Our all natural, grass-fed AngusX steers are born, pastured raised and processed on Wine Down Ranch. This lifestyle promotes a low-stress environment, resulting in better quality meat. 

The following explanation is meant as an example, and your order will be priced depending on the weight (and quantity) of the steer you purchase.

With a 1,000 pound live steer, hanging weight will be approximately 55-60%, or 550-600 pounds (after butchering). After processing, the yield is generally 75% of the hanging weight. From a 1,000 pound steer, the final product would be 410-450 pounds. 

Wine Down Ranch steers are sold in quantities of quarter (appx 100-120 pounds,), half and whole, with discounts for whole beef orders.
A quarter beef will fill up to 3.5 cubic feet of freezer space, or about the size of an entire freezer in a side-by-side fridge/freezer.